Chapbooks and Zines

Ultimate Gospel #7: 20 pages of comix, printed in color.
Ultimate Gospel #6: A tour diary from my time on the road with Tall Boys
ug5 coverr 2
Ultimate Gospel #5. Six depressing stories. Cover art by Simon Kugel.


Ultimate Gospel #4. Six stories and a comic. Cover art by Ally Bernstein.
Ultimate Gospel #3. Seven Stories. Cover art by Andrew Alba. Buy it from Pioneers Press.

Ultimate Gospel #2
Ultimate Gospel #2. Six stories, one comic. Buy it from Pioneers Press.


Ultimate Gospel
Ultimate Gospel. Five Stories. Buy it from Pioneers Press. 




Apex Caliente #3. Poetry by Samantha Marie Haynes, Christine D. Allen, Todd Robinson, and J. Andersen. Fiction by Amanda Nicole Corbin and Joseph Kirkham. Art and comix by Lupita Flores and Brendan Wells. Edited by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins.




Apex Caliente #2 features poetry by Paul Christian; fiction by Matthew Donahoo, Diandra Ryan-Mas, Nathaniel Kennon Perkins, T Davey Sidd, Ian Cobb, and Sism Battlebridge; and art and comix by David Stawar, David “Basquatch” Benson, and Skyler Hitchcox.




Apex Caliente #1. The first issue of this lit and weirdo art zine features fiction by J. Andersen, T Davey Sidd, and Lyuba Basin; non-fiction by Charley Wildey and Sabriel Parker; Poetry by Jesse Rex Tucker and Jesse Quebbenman-Turley; and an interview with Mallory Whitten by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins.

miserable enough cover
Miserable Enough. Three stories, three poems, and three comics.

Music That Doesn’t Suck #7. Interviews with Vegetable and LATFO, comix, etc. Read it online.


Music That Doesn’t Suck #5. Read it online here.



Most zines are available in print. Get it touch for availability.


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